Ravisara(Ning) Wattana

Doctoral Student
Email: rwattana@seas.upenn.edu

220 S 33rd St
Towne 345
Philadelphia, PA, 19104


August 2016 – May 2020: B.S.(SHC) in Materials Science and Engineering with Polymer Science Minor, the Pennsylvania State University

September 2020 – Present: First-year Ph.D. student in Materials Science and Engineering, University of Pennsylvania

Current Research

Investigating the rheology of cellulose nanofibril suspensions in the Presence of Polymers.

Previous Research

August 2017 – May 2020: Conducted research on natural polysaccharides, which are cellulose, chitosan, and xanthan, in ionic liquids and the effect of urea addition on their rheological behaviors to improve their processing conditions under Professor Ralph Colby’s research group, the Pennsylvania State University

May 2017 – August 2017: Performed PBS thin films with the additions of micro- and nano-cellulose under Research University Network in Thailand, Chulalongkorn University