Osuji Group Meeting Schedule

For Fall 2021: Thursdays 1pm-3pm, Towne .

Room 336        
Upcoming Meetings
DatePresenterResearch UpdateJournalCommentMembersMembers
05/12/22AlexxPractice QualsRuiqi DongRuiqi Dong
05/26/22Chris Johnson (with Hung?)xNing WattanaNing Wattana
06/02/22Zhe LiuxChris JohnsonChris Johnson
06/09/22YvonnexTheory?Nakyung KimNakyung Kim
06/16/22Ning WattanaxHungHung
06/30/22Chris JohnsonxDaewhanDaewhan
07/07/22Nakyung KimxYvonneYvonne
07/21/22DahinxZhe Liu
07/28/22Ruiqi Dongx
08/04/22Ning Wattanax
08/25/22Zhe Liux
05/05/22DaewhanxPractice Talk
04/28/22Chris JohnsonOpen Meeting (Sick)
04/21/22Nakyung Kimx
04/07/22Ning Wattanax
03/31/22Ruiqi Dongx
03/10/22Yvonne/ZhexMM Practice
03/03/22Chris Johnsonx
02/10/22Yvonne Zagzagx
02/03/22Nakyung Kimx
01/27/22Yvonne Zagzagx
01/20/22Daehwan Parkx
01/13/22Zhe LiuPractice
12/30/21Winter BreakNO MEETING
01/06/22Winter BreakNO MEETING
12/16/21Chris Johnsonx
12/02/21Yvonne Zagzagx
12/09/21Yuma Morimitsux
11/11/21NO GM
11/18/21NO GM
11/25/21ThanksgivingNO MEETING
11/04/21Zhe Liux
10/21/21Ning Wattanax
10/28/21Uri Gabinetx
10/14/21Nakyung Kimx
10/07/21Daehwan Parkx
09/30/21Ruiqi Dongx
9/21/21Da Hin KimxPractice Talk IRG
09/09/21Yvonne ZagzagxMicroscope tutorial
08/19/21Chris Johnsonx
08/26/21Yuma Morimitsux
09/02/21Daeseok KimxOutside postdoc from Dr. Yang's Lab in MSE
09/09/21No group meeting. Chinedum not on campus
09/16/21Clary RodriguezxLab photoshoot after group meeting
09/23/21Yizhou Zhangx
09/30/21Nakyung Kimx
10/07/21Ryan Poling-Skutvikx
10/14/21Ruiqi Dongx
10/21/21Zhuan Yix
10/28/21Zhe Liux
11/04/21Uri Gabinetx
11/11/21Abishek Dhandx
11/25/21Yang Zhaox
12/09/21Qaboos Imranx
1/9/20Nakyung Kimx
1/16/20Yizhou Zhangx
1/23/20Changyeon Leex
1/30/20Uri Gabinetx
2/13/20Qaboos Imranx
2/20/20Ryan Poling-SkutvikxUri also practicing his APS talk
3/5/2020Ruiqi Dongx
03/23/2020Yang Zhaox
03/26/2020Zhe Liux
04/02/2020Changyeon Leex
04/09/2020Yizhou Zhangx
04/23/2020Nakyung Kimx
04/30/2020Ryan Poling-Skutvikx
05/07/2020Da Hin Kimx
05/14/2020Uri Gabinetx
05/21/2020Ruiqi Dongx
05/28/2020Yang Zhaox
06/11/2020Zhe Liux
06/18/2020Nakyung Kimx
06/25/2020Changyeon Leex(research update + practice on DEXS presentation)
07/02/2020Qaboos Imranx
07/09/2020Da Hin Kimx
07/16/2020Yizhou Zhangx
07/23/2020Uri Gabinetx
07/30/2020Qaboos Imranx
08/06/2020Ryan Poling-Skutvikx
08/13/2020Ruiqi Dongx
08/20/2020KristofThesis defense pracice talk
08/27/2020Yang Zhaox
09/10/2020Zhe Liux
09/17/2020Changyeon Leex
09/24/2020Uri GabinetIRG3 practice talk
10/01/2020no Group meetng
10/08/2020Yizhou Zhangx
10/15/2020Nakyung Kimx
10/22/2020Chris Johnsonx
10/29/2020Uri Gabinetx
11/05/2020Da Hin Kimx
11/12/2020Yuma Morimitsux
11/19/2020Ning Wattanax
12/03/2020Holden Laix
12/10/2020Yvonne Zagzagx
12/17/2020Nakyung Kimx
12/31/2020New Year
01/07/21Ruiqi Dongx
01/14/21Changyeon Leex
01/21/21Changyeon\HoldenxDoug Gin visiting
01/28/21Uri Gabinetx
02/04/21Zhe Liux
02/11/21Holden Laix
02/18/21Qaboos Imranx
02/25/21Yvonne Zagzagx
03/04/21Ruiqi Dongx
03/11/21Yuma MorimitsuxIRG3 practice talk
03/18/21Da Hin Kimx
03/25/21No Group meeting, Chinedum on seminar
04/01/21Qaboos Imranx
04/08/21Uri Gabinetx
04/15/21Ning Wattanax
04/22/21Zhe LiuResearch proposal practice talk
04/29/21Yvonne ZagzagxRuiqi - Research proposal practice talk
05/06/21Da Hin Kimx
05/13/21Yuma Morimitsux
05/20/21Ning WattanaQuals practice talk
05/27/21No Group meeting
06/03/21Zhe Liux
06/10/21No Group meeting
06/17/21Chris Johnsonx
06/24/21Nakyung Kimx
07/01/21Chinedum away - no group meeting
07/08/21Ruiqi Dongx
07/15/21Qaboos ImranThesis Defense Practice
07/22/21Uri GabinetThesis Defense Practice
07/29/21Changyeon Leex
08/05/21Kaitlyn & HungTuesday 12:30 Group Meeting

Lab Outings

August 6, 2021

Celebrating the graduation of Dr. Gabinet and Dr. Imran. Congratulations!

June 26, 2021

First group outing since COVID-19 pandemic. Osujilab reunion.

December 18, 2019

Lab outing before Christmas. Nice Italian restaurant.

October 24, 2019

Farewell dinner for visiting scholar Dr. Yi

August 29, 2019

The world would end in 9 seconds, but Osujilab saved it.