Osuji Group Meeting Schedule

For Fall 2021: Thursdays 1pm-3pm, Towne .

Room 336        
Upcoming Meetings
DatePresenterResearch UpdateJournalCommentMembersMembers
10/06/22No MeetingsRuiqi DongNing Wattana
10/13/22DaewhanxNing WattanaDahin
10/20/22YvonnexChris JohnsonAlex
10/27/22Zhe Liux
11/03/22Ning WattanaxNakyung KimDaewhan
11/10/22Nakyung KimxHungNakyung Kim
11/17/22DahinxYvonneRuiqi Dong
11/24/22Ruiqi DongxDahinChris Johnson
YvonnexZhe LiuZhe Liu
Zhe Liux
09/08/22Ning Wattanax
09/01/22Ning Wattanax
08/18/22Ruiqi Dongx
08/11/22Nakyung Kim + Martinx
08/04/22Hao & Victoriax
07/28/22No Meeting
07/21/22Chris Johnsonx
7/14/22No Meeting
06/23/22Zhe Liux
06/30/22Ning Wattanax
xxxNo Meeting
06/02/22Yvonne?Theory Talk
05/26/22Chris Johnson (with Hung?)x
05/12/22AlexxPractice Quals
05/05/22DaewhanxPractice Talk
04/28/22Chris JohnsonOpen Meeting (Sick)
04/21/22Nakyung Kimx
04/07/22Ning Wattanax
03/31/22Ruiqi Dongx
03/10/22Yvonne/ZhexMM Practice
03/03/22Chris Johnsonx
02/10/22Yvonne Zagzagx
02/03/22Nakyung Kimx
01/27/22Yvonne Zagzagx
01/20/22Daehwan Parkx
01/13/22Zhe LiuPractice
12/30/21Winter BreakNO MEETING
01/06/22Winter BreakNO MEETING
12/16/21Chris Johnsonx
12/02/21Yvonne Zagzagx
12/09/21Yuma Morimitsux
11/11/21NO GM
11/18/21NO GM
11/25/21ThanksgivingNO MEETING
11/04/21Zhe Liux
10/21/21Ning Wattanax
10/28/21Uri Gabinetx
10/14/21Nakyung Kimx
10/07/21Daehwan Parkx
09/30/21Ruiqi Dongx
9/21/21Da Hin KimxPractice Talk IRG
09/09/21Yvonne ZagzagxMicroscope tutorial
08/19/21Chris Johnsonx
08/26/21Yuma Morimitsux
09/02/21Daeseok KimxOutside postdoc from Dr. Yang's Lab in MSE
09/09/21No group meeting. Chinedum not on campus
09/16/21Clary RodriguezxLab photoshoot after group meeting
09/23/21Yizhou Zhangx
09/30/21Nakyung Kimx
10/07/21Ryan Poling-Skutvikx
10/14/21Ruiqi Dongx
10/21/21Zhuan Yix
10/28/21Zhe Liux
11/04/21Uri Gabinetx
11/11/21Abishek Dhandx
11/25/21Yang Zhaox
12/09/21Qaboos Imranx
1/9/20Nakyung Kimx
1/16/20Yizhou Zhangx
1/23/20Changyeon Leex
1/30/20Uri Gabinetx
2/13/20Qaboos Imranx
2/20/20Ryan Poling-SkutvikxUri also practicing his APS talk
3/5/2020Ruiqi Dongx
03/23/2020Yang Zhaox
03/26/2020Zhe Liux
04/02/2020Changyeon Leex
04/09/2020Yizhou Zhangx
04/23/2020Nakyung Kimx
04/30/2020Ryan Poling-Skutvikx
05/07/2020Da Hin Kimx
05/14/2020Uri Gabinetx
05/21/2020Ruiqi Dongx
05/28/2020Yang Zhaox
06/11/2020Zhe Liux
06/18/2020Nakyung Kimx
06/25/2020Changyeon Leex(research update + practice on DEXS presentation)
07/02/2020Qaboos Imranx
07/09/2020Da Hin Kimx
07/16/2020Yizhou Zhangx
07/23/2020Uri Gabinetx
07/30/2020Qaboos Imranx
08/06/2020Ryan Poling-Skutvikx
08/13/2020Ruiqi Dongx
08/20/2020KristofThesis defense pracice talk
08/27/2020Yang Zhaox
09/10/2020Zhe Liux
09/17/2020Changyeon Leex
09/24/2020Uri GabinetIRG3 practice talk
10/01/2020no Group meetng
10/08/2020Yizhou Zhangx
10/15/2020Nakyung Kimx
10/22/2020Chris Johnsonx
10/29/2020Uri Gabinetx
11/05/2020Da Hin Kimx
11/12/2020Yuma Morimitsux
11/19/2020Ning Wattanax
12/03/2020Holden Laix
12/10/2020Yvonne Zagzagx
12/17/2020Nakyung Kimx
12/31/2020New Year
01/07/21Ruiqi Dongx
01/14/21Changyeon Leex
01/21/21Changyeon\HoldenxDoug Gin visiting
01/28/21Uri Gabinetx
02/04/21Zhe Liux
02/11/21Holden Laix
02/18/21Qaboos Imranx
02/25/21Yvonne Zagzagx
03/04/21Ruiqi Dongx
03/11/21Yuma MorimitsuxIRG3 practice talk
03/18/21Da Hin Kimx
03/25/21No Group meeting, Chinedum on seminar
04/01/21Qaboos Imranx
04/08/21Uri Gabinetx
04/15/21Ning Wattanax
04/22/21Zhe LiuResearch proposal practice talk
04/29/21Yvonne ZagzagxRuiqi - Research proposal practice talk
05/06/21Da Hin Kimx
05/13/21Yuma Morimitsux
05/20/21Ning WattanaQuals practice talk
05/27/21No Group meeting
06/03/21Zhe Liux
06/10/21No Group meeting
06/17/21Chris Johnsonx
06/24/21Nakyung Kimx
07/01/21Chinedum away - no group meeting
07/08/21Ruiqi Dongx
07/15/21Qaboos ImranThesis Defense Practice
07/22/21Uri GabinetThesis Defense Practice
07/29/21Changyeon Leex
08/05/21Kaitlyn & HungTuesday 12:30 Group Meeting

Lab Outings

August 01, 2022

REU & RET Summer Program.

July 02, 2022

Osuji Lab Summer Program

March 21, 2022

Yuma’s Farewell Lunch

February 09, 2022

Changyeon’s Farewell Lunch

December 18, 2021

Winter Group Outing

November 14, 2021

Qaboos & Uri’s Farewell Dinner

November 13, 2021

Osuji Halloween Group Outing

August 6, 2021

Celebrating the graduation of Dr. Gabinet and Dr. Imran. Congratulations!

June 26, 2021

First group outing since COVID-19 pandemic. Osujilab reunion.

December 18, 2019

Lab outing before Christmas. Nice Italian restaurant.

October 24, 2019

Farewell dinner for visiting scholar Dr. Yi

August 29, 2019

The world would end in 9 seconds, but Osujilab saved it.