Abhishek Dhand

Masters Student
Email: adhand@seas.upenn.edu

220 S 33rd St
Moore 300B
Philadelphia, PA, 19104


2018-Present: M.S.E Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA
2014-2018: Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India

Current Research

Investigating soft cellulose nanofibril microcapsules for their (a) mechanical properties using (i) osmotic swelling and (ii) dynamic mechanical analysis methods and (b) understanding permeation, selectivity, and transport of sub-micron particles through the capsule shell

Previous Research

Forward osmosis study employing protein-embedded polyamide membrane hollow fiber module for (i) dewatering of seawater feed employing sea bittern as draw solution and (ii) concentration of sugarcane juice feed using cane molasses as draw solution.

Honmane B.1, Deshpande T.1, Dhand A., Bhansali R., Ghosh P. K., Channelizing the Osmotic Energy of proximate Sea Bittern for Concentration of Seawater by Forward Osmosis under Realistic Conditions to conserve Land Requirement for Solar Sea Salt Production, Journal of Membrane Science, 567 (2018) 329-338
1Equal Contribution